The Respect Principle

In this article, I would like to cover a different topic and move a little away from a fitness post. This post ismainly for women but feel free to give it a read if you would like some fun information that I recently found out about. With that being said, it is relevant for all personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts. So, here we go…today I would like to discuss about fitness and dating. Have you ever wondered what men secretly want? This is the question that my friend, Alice who is also a personal trainer was talking to me about. So, unlike my other posts that are mainly about fitness and nutrition, in this post I explore this topic and dedicate this post to Alice. This article is just my opinion but can tell you that there are already some women that have benefited from this advice 🙂

Once you know what men secretly want from women in relationships, your love life will change forever. This is the type of information that is not freely available or even taught generally but when you come to think of it, it is the most important type of information that a single woman can use to ensure that she can easily find the man that she wants. The main thing to keep in mind is something known as the respect principle. This simply means that men love to be respected even though they never say so openly, and women that treat their men well, are the ones that form deep bonds with them.

Most women focus too heavily on their exterior…I mean their looks, weight, dressing and so on…which I agree are very important but what they do not know is that even though these factors count, the most important things that matter to men are not openly discussed by them, and so as a result only a few women know about these factors. These are the same women that always seem to easily attract the best of men with ease. The main reason for this is that they are not only focused on what they want but are accutely aware of what men secretly want from women.

Now you can also find out about this by reading a simple book called What men secretly want by James Bauer. Also, you can read a full and detailed review of this book also known as Be Irresistible before buying this ebook that comes with a full money back guarantee.

Once you have have this information, your dating life should get a massive boost and you should get a good choice of men.

How To Lose Weight

Find Out How To Successfully Lose Weight


Losing weight is a very common goal, but sometimes the best strategy for achieving it can be hard to find. You should do your research and find a program from the ones presented here, then tailor a plan that will work for you.

Chunky soups are good to help you follow your diet program. It’s an unwise choice to consume calories via liquids. Soups that contain lean meats, beans and big chunks of vegetables tend to be more filling than soups that are creamy or pureed.

One smart idea for weight loss is joining a company like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. There are people in these organizations that can help give you support, and they also have lots of resources that can help you, such as sending meals to your home. If you are able to do it money wise, it can be a good way to lose some weight.

Don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes in your diet. No one is perfect, and you can just move forward. When unplanned treats end up on your plate, then plan to work out extra hard so it all balances out. If you don’t feel like it or don’t have time, resist having the treat. Lingering on negatives will distract you from the main objective. Always keep things positive and moving forward.

Slow down and savor your food when you eat. This is  something that is important too. While reading the e factor diet, I found that the timing of your meals is important too. John Rowley wrote this book known as the E factor diet to give more information about this aspect of weight loss. It will help you lose weight. People get full when the food starts to digest. It takes your body some time to tell your mind that it’s full. Take a break between bites and try savoring your food. You will feel full without eating too much using this technique. Another good tip is adding whole grains to the diet that you follow will help you shed pounds. Opt for foods that have not been enriched or refined.

Losing weight is much more effective if you’re comfortable with your weight loss plan, so make sure to choose one that works for you. The advice that has just been provided to you can be used in your regimen. There is no perfect weight loss plan. Different things work for different people. So, keep trying different things and you will find the right one for you.